Your Options

Skype Introductory Consultation   $50/hour

In-house Introductory Consultation   $60/hour


Website (3 options)

Option 1 (SBI content-based site)

You have the option of utilizing coaching as you need it as you work through the SBI! Action Guide on your own.

The SBI! Action Guide is the step-by-step manual for getting your E-business up and running. 

Skype Coaching Sessions Available

Option 2 (SBI content-based site)

You can arrange to go through the SBI! Action Guide being coached weekly (in-house or Skype) for 10 weeks.  At the end of the 10 weeks, you will have an operating internet business (not just a website)!

Skype Coaching Sessions and In-House Coaching Sessions available

Option 3 (WP e-Commerce or Donation site/blog)

Let me set up your e-commerce site or ministry/donation website/blog. This will be set up on a secure SSL and HTTPS WordPress platform, with all the plugins needed to run your site successfully. 

Branding, setup, e-store/donation, emails, verification, security, and all the bells and whistles needed are part of this. You choose how much you want included.

Pricing is variable depending upon your needs.

Facebook (2 options)

Option 1

Get your Facebook business page off the ground and bringing traffic to your ‘brick & mortar‘ business or website. I’ll help you set it up and show you how to run it.

  • Sessions are customized to your needs.
  • Set up Facebook business page, profile picture, cover image. You need to provide a profile picture and a cover image.
  • Learn how, what, and when to post, types of posts, utilizing stats, scheduling posts, uploading photos, use inexpensive targeted FB ads, increase your ‘likes’, SEO.

Skype and In-House Facebook Coaching Sessions available

Option 2

I’ll set up your Facebook business page and run it for you, posting and sharing content daily or weekly, depending on your needs. Pricing is variable depending on your needs.

For pricing details, if you have any questions, or if you ready to order, please contact me.

In-house sessions held in Caistor Centre, ON  L0R 1E0